Four Natural Remedies For Dark Spots

Four Natural Remedies For Dark Spots

Dark spots on your skin occur when the extra pigment is deposited on your skin. Though this is not a life-threatening skin condition, we understand how it may be troubling to have uneven textured skin. Sometimes, we may worry that the skincare products that we are putting onto our faces are causing more unwanted problems than benefits. At other times, we may simply not have enough time (or money) to sift through the countless products on the Internet. So why not try out the following natural remedies for fading dark marks! These are easy to obtain items that can be found in the kitchen but always make sure to patch test these products on your hand before applying them onto your face.  


Turmeric has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities to help heal the skin. It can also even out the skin’s texture by fading these dark spots. Turmeric is also supposed to inhibit melanin production which prevents further darkening or formation of new marks. Since turmeric comes in a powdered form, it may be easier for application if you include this ingredient as part of a home-made mask (one-part turmeric, one part honey, a dash of lemon juice) 


Honey is an ingredient that has been used on the skin for decades. It has exfoliating properties which allow the dead cells in the superficial darker layer to be removed. There are various types of honey that you could use but we recommend either raw honey or manuka honey, as these do not include other ingredients that may be harmful to your face. Honey can be applied straight onto your face because it is extremely sticky. However, it may be more challenging to remove from your skin so be sure to thoroughly wash your face! 

Almond Oil 

Not all almond oil is the same! Look out for sweet almond oil because it is more suitable for application on the skin. There are a plethora of useful nutrients in almond oil but the nutrients you should be taking note of are Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Both of these nutrients work in tandem to stimulate the growth of new skin cells as well as prevent cell damage. Almond oil acts as an emollient to improve skin tone and even out those pesky marks. Just massage the almond oil onto your skin and leave it overnight for glowing skin! 


Yogurt had mild bleaching properties that can aid in brightening those lighter marks. Yogurt contains lactic acid and being acidic in nature, acts as an exfoliant to shed off those darker marks. The yogurt can be applied for either 30 minutes and then washed off or applied overnight. Remember to lather a good amount of moisturizer after using the yogurt on your skin.  

If these natural remedies are not giving you a satisfactory result, consider using Cure Aqua Gel’s products. The Beauty Set aims to combat damage that may have already been caused and prevent any new damage. Our products will give your skin a new lease of life, so what are you waiting for? Try them out today!