Gentle Body Skin Care

  • Effective Ingredients

    Formulated with 90% activated hydrogen water, a powerful antioxidant

  • Dermatologist Approved

    Reviewed by professionals and clinically tested - suitable for sensitive, acne-prone skin

  • Award-Winning

    WBA's "brand of the year", Watsons HWB award's "best selling exfoliator" and more

  • Instant Result

    Gently buff away dry, dull skin and reveal a glowing, baby-smooth skin

Before Aqua Gel Exfoliator

before use of cure aqua gel exfoliator

After 1 Use

after use of cure aqua gel exfoliator

Best-Seller Skincare

3-Step Body Skincare at Home

What Our Customers Say

I’ve found one that works for my skin I’m a acne prone skin girly who has really sensitive skin who can’t use just any ingredients on my skin this gently removes my dead skin layer and reveals supple soft skin I love the ingredients it’s definitely non-pore clogging it’s not fragranced it’s does what it says it does.

Julissa A

As a dedicated exfoliator, this is by far the best ever! After use, all dead skin is gone and my skin feels fabulous! Do not hesitate!! I promose you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!


No other exfoliator works as well as this one. I use this to reveal smooth, healthy skin on my face, and have even used it on my body before. It is the best exfoliator I've ever tried.

Kathe H

I found this product through a recommendation by a friend who has amazing skin. The first time I tried Cure Agua exfoliating gel my jaw literally dropped! It worked so quickly and left my skin so smooth.

Tania H

The only hydrating cream that doesn’t give me breakouts. My facial skin texture becomes better/hydrated/smooth/dewy.

Bernadette Y

I have very dry skin and this is a wonderful moisturizer to go under my make up. I love how evenly is smooths on and that my skin feels completely hydrated.

Kristina L.

I absolutely love applying this moisturizer! Definitely non greasy feeling, smooth, absorbs it completely! Leaving skiing feeling cool, fresh and revitalized but most importantly it moisturized my face perfectly!


When I use them in a nice warm bath my skin needs no lotion , amazing for New Mexico

Alexanna H

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