How Do You Remove Dark Spots On The Face?

How Do You Remove Dark Spots On The Face?

Dark spots appear on the skin because some parts of the skin produce more melanin than others. This color may vary from a light brown to a dark brown. However, despite the appearance of such spots, they are often non-threatening to your health. Furthermore, these spots are often not supposed to be painful. At Cure Aqua Gel, we understand that such pesky spots may be troubling. Hence, here is a list of remedies to remove dark spots. Do consult a medical professional if you are particularly troubled by any of such spots. 

Using Sunscreen 

Sunscreen is at the top of our list because of its amazing effects. Not only does it prevent further discoloration of your pre-existing spots, it also stops future spots from appearing on your skin. Mineral-based sunscreens are better than chemical sunscreens in terms of sun protection, so make sure to check the ingredient list! Also, your sunscreen should minimally offer you SPF 30 protection. Ensure that you are reapplying your sunscreen every few hours for the optimal effects of this product. 

Using Appropriate Serums

Serums may already be a part of your skincare routine. However, specific ingredients are better than others to fade dark spots. Vitamin C are some good chemicals that should be a part of your routine to fade dark marks.

Water-based exfoliants are a great way to fade away minor discoloration. We prefer this form of exfoliation to physical exfoliants because there is a lower risk of causing micro-tears in your skin, which may be detrimental. Exfoliation aids in fading dark marks by shedding the superficial layer of your skin, allowing new skin to form. However, be wary to not over-exfoliate.  Over-exfoliation causes your skin to overproduce or underproduce sebum, which is also negative for the natural balance of your skin. We know how busy people are these days which is why we have created the Aqua Gel Singles, which is a gentle exfoliator that you can bring when you’re on the go. There’s no longer any excuse for no exfoliation! 

Laser Treatments 

Despite the effectiveness of chemical exfoliants for lighter marks, this may be ineffective for darker spots. For the more stubborn marks, do consider lasering these dark spots as a form of treatment. This can help to even out your skin tone so that your skin appears more consistent. Uneven skin tone is a problem caused due to dark marks and such laser treatments are a good solution to this issue. Laser treatments essentially destroy elements in your current skin to ensure that the new skin grows back and ‘replaces’ these spots. 

However, do keep in mind that fading such marks does take some time. Lighter spots may fade within 6-12 months while darker spots may take more years to fade. Being more mindful about the products you are applying to your face may help to speed up this process. We hope that you are able to find a Cure Aqua Gel product to suit your needs.