Five Essential Skin Care Tips To Keep You Glowing All Winter

Five Essential Skin Care Tips To Keep You Glowing All Winter

Enjoying a hot cup of cocoa during winter might be one of the many joys of winter. Unfortunately, the cold winter air may not be the best for your skin. When indoors, the heat from indoor heaters strips your skin of any moisture. When outdoors, the drying air outside may also be detrimental to your skin. However, there are still some steps you can take to nourish your skin and give it a much-needed glow with these winter skin care tips! 

Using A Humidifier 

During the colder days, all we want to do is huddle up in front of the heater. However, this is extremely drying for your skin. Furthermore, humidity tends to be extremely low during winter. As such, we would recommend purchasing a good humidifier for the winter months. Humidifiers aid in adding back precious moisture to the air and more importantly, your skin! Run your humidifier in the rooms you spend the greatest amount of time in and try to maintain the humidity levels between 30-50%, which is an optimal range. 

Using Suitable Cleansers 

As you could have guessed, during the winter months the most important thing would be ensuring you’re receiving sufficient moisture. This is not just important for your face but the rest of your body as well! Swap out that bar soap for body washes that have less drying ingredients and more moisturizing ones (hyaluronic acid, oats, shea butter). For your face, use products that are targeted towards sensitive skin as these tend to be more gentle and less stripping for your face. 

Using Sunscreen 

A winter skin care tip that is often forgotten would be the application of sunscreen. During the colder days, it may be easier to forget to apply sunscreen compared to the summer days. However, the sun still comes out during winter! Sunrays can still damage your skin on cloudy days as UVA rays can still penetrate through clouds. Also, snow reflects twice the amount of UV light compared to the summer days. So, remember to still lather up with at least SPF30 sunscreen. 

Using Hydrating Masks 

Hydrating masks are another great way for your skin to get the moisture it needs so desperately. Instead of only applying these masks for a few minutes, opt for overnight masks. This allows the good ingredients to really seep into your skin after an entire day of being dried out by the winter air. You’ll wake up with refreshed, happy skin! 

Drinking Plenty of Water

This is another tip that is often overlooked. During summer days, we are constantly sweating and it is easier to feel dehydrated. Meanwhile, it is during the wintertime that we are often chugging warm teas and coffees but forgetting to take in the essential water that we need. Remember to continue drinking at least 8 glasses every day. This gives your skin the hydration it needs from inside out and will leave you with beautiful, glowing skin. 

With these tips, you will no longer be stuck with that dry, dull winter skin! Check out our skin care line if you require that boost of moisture during winter.