Let's Celebrate National Wellness Month! 6 Activities You'll Love To Do

Let's Celebrate National Wellness Month! 6 Activities You'll Love To Do

The past two years have been challenging. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that life is unpredictable. Prioritizing wellness and adopting healthy habits can help you overcome major challenges. August is National Wellness Month so it’s time to focus on self-care, managing stress, and developing a healthier lifestyle! In this post, we’ll share with you some wholesome activities that are perfect for this month. Give yourself a break away from work to relax and recharge!

Get Outdoors

Have a change of scenery and get some fresh air! Plan a picnic at the beach, explore a nature trail, or go cycling. Even a simple walk at the nearby park can do wonders. Connecting with nature can help to improve your well-being and boost your mood. Move away from the computer screen, work can come later. Rejuvenate yourself with the peace and serenity of nature. After a day of outdoor activity, it is also critical to rehydrate your skin. Cure's oil-free and fragrance-free Water Treatment Moisturizer will moisturize your skin! This lightweight moisturizer is made with 70% Activated Hydrogen Water and is ideal even for individuals with trickier skin types such as sensitivity and combination.


Your mind and body can benefit from just 30 minutes of exercise per day. With technology being so advanced these days, you don’t need to hit the gym to stay fit. Many fitness videos are available online and you can even sign up for a virtual workout class! If you haven't been flexing your muscles for a while, begin with a simple routine. And don’t stop exercising after August! Exercising brings many long-term benefits to your health so keep it going! 

Connect With Friends and Family 

Friends and family play an important role in our mental health and help us stay socially engaged. Organize a class reunion to catch up with your classmates or video call a relative who has moved away. Make it a point to connect with people you care about this August, even if it’s just sending them a short message! You may have friends who have drifted away, perhaps it’s time to find out how they have been doing. 

Eat Healthily

Ice cream and cakes are delicious but too much sugar isn’t healthy. We’re not saying you should skip your favorite foods entirely but you can learn how to have a more balanced diet. Add more greens and fruits to your meals - avocado and spinach are good choices! Instead of having ice cream every week, try cutting down your sugar intake and substitute them with blueberries or other healthy snacks. You might just develop a whole new eating plan! 

Sleep More

Some people have no trouble clocking eight hours of sleep a day. But for those who are always busy at work, sleep is something they don’t have time for. For the month of August, aim to give your body enough sleep each day. It helps to strengthen your immunity, reduce your risk of depression, and enhance your memory. Those dark eye circles might just disappear too! Pamper yourself with Cure’s Bathtime Mineral Salts for your nighttime routine! Our toner is made with 100% Himalayan Ruby Rock Salt, a 300-million-year-old preserved salt from the Himalayan Mountains, with the goal of promoting skin hydration for our users after a hard day at work. If you prefer an all-inclusive package, we also have a beauty set that allows you to exfoliate, tone, and moisturize all at once!

Pamper Your Skin

What better way to celebrate National Wellness Month than to pamper your skin? Your skin deserves rejuvenation as much as you do. To help you get started, Cure Aqua Gel is offering two free gifts of Cure Water Treatment mini for every purchase for the whole month of August. 20% off Cure Beauty Set from August 15-18. It is suitable for different skin types and even comes with Bathtime Mineral Salts which can be added to your DIY home spa! It's time to unwind this August and keep your skin glowing!