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Bathtime Mineral Salts


Are you on the hunt for bath salts for your DIY home spa? Not only are the Bathtime Mineral Salts used for relaxation and relieving stress and aches, but bath salts can also provide various cosmetic benefits! Considering its multi-purpose use, you will want to quickly get yours today.

About Our Bathtime Mineral Salts

Cure’s Bathtime Mineral Salts are made with 100% Himalayan Ruby Rock Salt, a 300-million-year preserved salt from the Himalayan Mountains. We are instantly bringing you the benefits of Japanese ancient hot springs without you needing to step out of your home.

Benefits of the Bathtime Mineral Salts

  • Can be used as a facial toner
  • Doubles up as a foot bath and full-body soak
  • Instantaneously recreate the tradition of soaking in Japanese hot springs at home
  • Filled with essential minerals such as iron, sulfur, copper, calcium, potassium, and magnesium

Anti-aging benefits - Redox reaction prevents skin from aging

  • Contains only Natural Himalayan Ruby Rock Salt, a top-quality preserved salt from the Himalayan Mountains
  • Suitable for everyone who wants to renew their skin, enhance skin hydration, and combat free-radical damage

100% Natural Himalayan Ruby Rock Salt

As a facial toner:

Dissolve one-fifth (a pinch) of Bathtime Mineral Salts into a small wash basin of warm water. Splash the mineral-rich water onto your skin as an antioxidant toner. Rinse your basin with fresh water to avoid potential discoloration. 

As a foot bath:

Sink into a relaxing foot bath by using one-half (a palm full) of Bathtime Mineral Salts into a foot tub. Add essential oils, if desired. Rinse your basin with fresh water to avoid potential discoloration.

As a full-body soak: 

Dissolve Bathtime Mineral Salts into a small container, like a cup or bowl. Add essential oils, if desired. Fill tub with warm water and add the dissolved mineral-rich water to your bath. Relax and enjoy a replenishing soak! Rinse tub with freshwater after use to avoid discoloration.  

I am sensitive to scents. Can I still use Bathtime Mineral Salts?

Unlike bath salts you find in drug stores, Cure Bathtime Mineral Salts are 100% natural mineral-rich salts with no added fragrances, dyes, or perfumes. Because of this, there is a strong authentic mineral smell. While many people do not mind the smell, your bath can be enhanced with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. We recommend a blend of lavender and chamomile for a relaxing soak.

How much do I use?

For a full-body soak, we recommend using an entire Bathtime packet. For a facial splash or a foot bath, we recommend using between one-fifth (a pinch) one-half (a palm full) of apacket.

Will the salt stain my bathtub?

We recommend rinsing your tub with fresh water to avoid discoloration. In the rare event of staining a bathtub cleanser will be effective in removing any temporary discoloration.

100% Pure, Mineral-Rich Salt Soak

Face Splash

Dissolving Bathtime Mineral Salts creates a mineral-rich toning water that acts as an antioxidant and vitamin-rich facial splash, replenishing your skin with vital minerals.

Foot Bath

Sink your feet into a relaxing foot soak. Salt soaks for your feet are an ancient practice that can aid in detoxification, help soothe aching muscles, and provide relief from chronic pain.

Body Soak

Soaking in mineral salts has a variety of benefits for your body, from assisting in skin hydration to help fighting free radical damage from daily activities, including UV damage, car exhaust, and air pollution.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alexanna Hope
Bath salts

I use these and my skin is not dry at all,
considering it's city water I think it's miraculous !!

Alexanna Hope
Bath salts

When I use them in a nice warm bath my skin needs no lotion , amazing for New Mexico

Bath Salt is my favorite that I am planning on buying more

I liked it a lot just the bath salt was smelly like fart but thank goodness it suggested essential oils which worked. I truly enjoyed all of it.


Seriously, anyone on the fence of not being sure about buying it. Its incredible. Its changed my skin complexion completely. I dont even need lotion anymore. I use half a packet to a full packet per time. Use it every 3-4 days. Soak in the tub for an hour or two . The effects are ...incredible. This stuff is legit. The water consistency changes when you put the salt in, yes it smells like rotten eggs but...minerals do. I just put some bubble bath in and it takes the smell right out. The consistency of the water is almost silky. I take a shower rinse after. Ive been doing this routine for about 3 weeks now and i have had 4 other people purchase this product at my suggestion after feeling my skin. I have struggled with bumps on my shoulders. I use proactiv too...this completely removed all...imperfections on my skin and almost pushed them out . Whatever they are doing to make this, i dont care im sold forever now. I started using cure natural aqua gel first which caused me to consider other products. The aqua gel is a must as well. It removes forehead wrinkles with built up dead skin on many people ive used it on. Ive debated canceling my proactiv due to the effectiveness of these products. Try them! You will be in awe and see too!