It's National Relaxation Day! Let's Have The Most Laid-back Day Of The Year

It's National Relaxation Day! Let's Have The Most Laid-back Day Of The Year

August 15 gives you an official reason to relax because it’s National Relaxation Day! Have a client who’s rushing you about that project? Is your boss asking about that report again? Reply to them with one word: Chill. Send them a friendly reminder that it’s National Relaxation Day and they should focus on unwinding and slowing down. Once in a while, we need a break from the hectic lifestyle. Overworking is bad for your physical and mental health so there is no wrong in taking some time to unwind. You only have one job on this day: relax. We think these are some of the best activities for the most laid-back day of the year. 

Get Offline

You can do without Netflix and social media for a day. Staring at your phone and TV screen all day is unhealthy. How many times did you go to bed but ended up scrolling through your Facebook feed instead? We all spend too much time online, perhaps far more than we need to! Get away from these distractions for a day and engage in something different, like reading or exercising. Nothing beats better than relaxing within the comforts of your own home, and Cure’s Bathtime Mineral Salts can help you! Our toner is produced with 100% Himalayan Ruby Rock Salt, a 300-million-year-old preserved salt from the Himalayan Mountains, with the purpose of boosting skin hydration for our users. If you prefer an all-inclusive package, we also have a beauty kit that enables you to exfoliate, tone, and moisturize at once!

Get a Plant

Don’t have time for a trip to explore the beautiful rainforest? Well, having a plant at home works as a good substitute too! Nature has its way of healing us. Looking at greenery can help to lower your stress levels and remind you to take things slowly. Taking care of your plant is also a good activity to help you relax. 

Listen to Classical Music

Spend some quality time with yourself and put some classical music on for the day. Music, in particular classical music, has positive effects on health. It can help to lower heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and decrease stress levels. 

Invite a Friend Over for Green Tea

Your friend probably wants to take a break and do some catching up too. Organize a chit-chat session while you both sip on some warm, soothing green tea with honey. Green tea contains L-theanine which helps to reduce stress. Honey is effective in fighting free radicals and lowering inflammation. It’s one of the best drinks to have on National Relaxation Day!

Watch a Comedy

Brighten your day with some laughter! Watch a comedy at the cinema or find some funny videos to watch on the internet. Laughter is indeed the best medicine because when you laugh, your body releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals that improve your mood.

Eat Chocolate

Besides laughter, chocolate also helps you to release endorphins. Just 40 grams of dark chocolate a day can help you feel better! No harm in adding a little sweet indulgence into your diet for the day! 

Go on a Mental Vacation

Not everyone has the luxury to take a full day off on August 15 but you can still take a moment to relax from work. Disengage from your tasks, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a relaxing scene. Picture yourself having a good time in the Maldives or anywhere you want to be. You may be able to concentrate back at work better after a short virtual getaway. 

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