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Are You Celebrating National Hydration Day?

Summer is here and the sun is stronger than usual! As the heat settles in, it is important to replace fluids lost during your daily activities. Water is essential for all life on Earth and our bodies are made up mostly of water. June 23, 2022 (Tuesday) marks National Hydration Day, an awareness day that draws attention to the importance of keeping our skin and bodies hydrated.

How did National Hydration Day begin?

SafeTGard Corporation founded National Hydration Day in 2016 to honor the late Victor Hawkins. The well-known football coach was the inventor of an innovative mouthguard that releases electrolyte tablets to keep players hydrated during intense games. This invention helped players stay in the game and ensured that they could attend all practices. Before this solution was implemented, there was a rise in the number of players experiencing muscle cramps and other side effects of dehydration.

June 23 also falls on the anniversary of Coach Hawkins's passing. The day commemorates his contributions to improving athlete safety and health, while also reminding us about the importance of maintaining adequate hydration.

Why is National Hydration Day celebrated?

Many people still do not drink enough water daily or keep themselves properly hydrated. Drinking water is essential for avoiding dehydration and heatstroke during the hotter weather. Additionally, this habit helps reduce the risk of health problems such as seizures, exhaustion, hypovolemic shock, and urinary tract infections, among others. National Hydration Day allows us to stop and think more about making healthier choices and cultivating the habit of drinking more water daily.

How can You Celebrate National Hydration Day?

It’s easy! Start setting up reminders on your smartphone or calendar to drink a glass of water (eight ounces) at different points throughout the day. The goal is to drink approximately eight glasses of water a day, but this quantity should be adjusted according to your age, the climate, and the intensity of physical activities. In addition to plain water, you can infuse it with strawberries, lemons, mint, cucumbers, and other herbs to make your drink taste better and feel more refreshing. Make the effort to start drinking more water today! You will feel more focused, have more energy, and improve your skin’s appearance.

What are the Benefits of Staying Hydrated?

Did you know that skin can feel rough and lose its elasticity when the epidermis (outermost layer) does not contain enough water? Lack of water also forces the body to take fluids from the inside space to the extracellular space, which causes puffiness and visible fluid retention. Drinking water helps hydrate your body from the inside and flush out toxins. This process is essential for optimum wellness and achieving healthy, glowing skin.

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