The Right Way To Moisturize Your Face For Healthy & Glowing Skin

The Right Way To Moisturize Your Face For Healthy & Glowing Skin

Do you know how to apply moisturizer or lotion on your face? It may sound easy to you – after all, how much do you need to know about squeezing a little product on your hand and transferring it to your face, right? Wrong! There are some steps you should follow if you want to moisturize your face the right way, which you can find out more about in this article!

Squeeze the Right Amount of Product

Did you know that all you require to moisturize your face in one setting is a peanut-sized amount? Avoid squeezing out too much product that you will end up not needing! In addition, moisturizer should be squeezed onto your palm, not your fingertips. It only goes without saying that your hands and face should be clean before you start the process of application!

Warm Up Moisturizer in Your Hands

The next step would be to warm up the moisturizer in your hands by rubbing your palms together. This will ensure a more even application: You do not want to end up with too much product on your cheeks and not enough on your forehead, for instance!

Use a Gentle Circular Motion for Application

How do you apply your moisturizer to your face, and where should you start? While this can depend on where the driest part of your face is, starting with the cheeks would make the most sense for the majority of people. As you have the most product on your hands when you first start out, you will see why you should tackle the driest parts first! To ensure good absorption, use a gentle circular motion for application.

Spread Out Product to Rest of Face

Once you have sufficiently moisturized your cheeks or the driest part of your face, spread the product to your forehead, nose, T-zone, chin, and even neck! Applying the product to your neck can help to ensure your skin tone remains even, which can be a concern if you regularly wear outfits that expose your neck.

Make Sure to Use Gentle Upward Strokes

You may have heard before that you should never drag your skin down when applying products as this can lead to sagging in the future. It’s always best to use gentle upward strokes when moisturizing your face. There’s no need to be too rough or vigorous, and make sure you are lifting your skin when you do so!

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