Major Differences Between Pimples And Acne

Major Differences Between Pimples And Acne

To the layperson, pimples and acne are essentially the same. They look similar so they must be the same, right? They are both actually very different from each other and in this article, we will detail the key differences that make pimples and acne so distinct from each other. 

The Main Difference Between The Two

To put it simply, not everyone who gets pimples has acne but everyone who has acne gets pimples. If that’s too confusing, you can view pimples as a subset of acne. Acne is a persistent, long-lasting condition while pimples occur on a more occasional basis.

Different Appearances

The idea that pimples and acne look the same is also a myth. Pimples are usually smaller, non-inflamed blemishes that occur close to the skin’s surface. Meanwhile, acne happens within a deeper layer of the skin. They are larger because they are pus-filled. Furthermore, acne is usually more painful than pimples due to the fact that it occurs on a deeper level. 

Causes Of Acne And Pimples

Pimples and acne are often caused due to similar reasons. However, due to the persistent nature of acne, the reason behind why the acne formed is also more deep-rooted and challenging to resolve compared to pimples. Some of the more common root causes behind acne and pimples are hormonal changes, improper skincare, genetics, and diet. Sometimes, it can be an amalgamation of many different root causes which is why we suggest that you visit a medical professional to find out what is causing your acne. 


Whether you’re experiencing acne or pimples, the treatment needs to be done in a careful, targeted manner. The following are some of our top advice for resolving acne. 

  • Acne Treatments: Use them as directed on areas that are affected. These acne treatments are spot treatments that help to shrink the appearance of such pimples or acne by drying them out. Hence, they appear less red and inflamed. However, ensure that you do not lather these treatments all over your face! This may result in more pimple outbreaks as it will overly dry your face.
  • Changing Your Diet: Certain foods are known to cause acne and pimples more than others, such as processed foods and dairy. We suggest that you swap out these food choices for healthier, whole foods such as leafy greens and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Always remember to be drinking sufficient water so that you stay hydrated. Your skin will glow like it has never before!
  • Changing Your Skincare Routine: There may be certain steps in your skincare routine that are causing your acne rather than helping to eradicate it. Remove any unnecessary products in your routine and swap them out for a lightweight moisturizer as well as a gentle cleanser. This will leave your skin feeling clean and hydrated without being overly stripping. Remember to keep your skincare routine simple. Using too many products is not always a good thing. By removing any overly drying ingredients, you are one step closer to reaching your goals of clear, blemish-free skin!