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A Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Bath SaltsA Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Bath Salts

What is an Onsen?

Hot springs are an integral part of Japanese skincare, health, and beauty culture. The country is dotted with onsens, or naturally-occurring mineral hot springs, and it is a normal part of Japanese culture to visit a hot spring multiple times a year.

The Benefits of Japanese Bath Salts

The water in onsens is rich in antioxidant and antibacterial minerals, and soaking in the water has restorative benefits.

The healing mineral water can help reduce free radical damage from daily life, including sources like car exhaust, air pollution, UV damage, and more. Free radicals are often partly responsible for premature signs of aging, like dark spots, fine lines, and dull skin.

Soaking in the mineral-rich water – heated geothermically from the earth to around 100 degrees Fahrenheit – also activates both your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

This process increases blood circulation and skin cell turnover, prompting new skin cells to replace old ones.

Bringing the Onsen Home

Want to try an onsen at home? Using restorative healing minerals in your own bathtub has the same effect of a Japanese onsen.

Our Cure Bathtime salt soak packs contain 100% Himalayan Ruby Rock Salt. This 300-million-year preserved salt from the Himalayan Mountains is enriched with vital minerals, such as magnesium, sulfur, calcium, potassium, copper, and iron.

Unlike bath salts you find in drug stores, our Cure Bathtime salt soaks are pure, mineral-rich salt. There are no added fragrances, dyes, or perfumes. Because of this, there is a strong authentic mineral smell. While most people do not mind the authentic mineral smell, your bath can be enhanced with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. We recommend a blend of lavender and chamomile for a perfectly relaxing experience.

At Cure, we believe in simple, powerful ingredients. Cure Bathtime salt soaks are designed for you to bring the intensive healing benefits of an onsen into your daily skincare routine.