Four Tips For Introducing New Skincare Products To Your Routine

Four Tips For Introducing New Skincare Products To Your Routine

Heard great things about a skincare product, and thinking of introducing it to your routine? There are many things to be said for having a comprehensive skincare routine, but adding too many new skincare products at once may not be the best idea. Read on to find out some top tips to observe when adding new products to your routine!

Carry Out a Patch Test

Did you know that allergies can develop over a lifetime? Just because you didn’t have an allergy to something before doesn’t mean you can’t develop one later on in life. To be on the safe side, we recommend carrying out a patch test for any new skincare product you introduce into your routine. The best areas for doing this include a patch of skin on the inner corner of your elbow or behind your ear.

If your skin experiences no negative reaction after 24 hours, go ahead and add that new product to your routine! However, if you notice redness, itchiness, or flaky skin, it may be best to give the product a miss.

Observe How the Product Makes Your Skin Feel Over Time

We all know that the effects of skincare products often cannot be felt overnight. It takes some time for visible results to show, and this is where you will want to keep a close eye on things. How does the product make your skin feel? Do you experience any roughness, dullness, or bumps, or does your skin feel rejuvenated and moisturized?

Be Consistent with Using the Product

As we have already mentioned, consistency is key to seeing results. The epidermis, or the outer layer of your skin, takes about a month to shed and turn over. Therefore, the minimum duration you should try out a new product to determine if it works is a month, although 3 to 4 months would be the most ideal. Remember that no skincare products are magical and you will need to be patient to see results!

Avoid Introducing Too Many New Products at Once

We always recommend introducing one new product to your skincare routine at a time. Why? The reason is simple: If you start using two or more new products at the same time and your skin reacts, it can be tough figuring out which specific product is the culprit. When you try out each product one by one, you are able to monitor the effects exactly as they occur, with no room for doubt or confusion!

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