Four Preventative Skincare Products Every Woman Needs

Four Preventative Skincare Products Every Woman Needs

Did you know that the best age to start preventative skincare is in your 20s? That’s right: Every year after you turn 25, collagen production in your skin drops by 1%! To pre-empt this, using preventative skincare products can go a long way. Instead of treating a wrinkle when you get one, preventing them from appearing in the first place can be much more effective. 

Read on to find out some preventative skincare products you should get!

What Happens to Skin as We Age

Over the years, your skin may have sustained damage caused by sun exposure, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and a whole range of other factors. As we age, so does our skin. Some changes you can expect to see include a loss in firmness, the appearance of dark spots and sunspots as well as wrinkles. 

Once wrinkles have had the chance to appear, it’s impossible to get rid of them. The only thing you can do is reduce their appearance. That is why it’s so important to start a preventative skincare routine before you start experiencing these issues!

Watch Out for these Preventative Skincare Products

Looking to start a preventative skincare routine now? Below are some products to watch out for and add to your regimen:

  • Products Containing Retinol
  • Retinol is a must-have ingredient for maintaining collagen production and keeping the skin supple. It’s also a good ingredient to have in your arsenal if you suffer from regular breakouts. In addition, retinol can help to soften the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines that have already formed.

  • Moisturizer
  • Another age-related skin issue is the loss of moisture within your skin. This happens due to the slowed production in your oil glands. To this end, making use of a good moisturizer will help to replace the lost moisture you will experience with time!

  • Sunscreen
  • Do you know that you should be applying sunscreen to your face every morning, regardless of whether you are going out? You should choose a product with an SPF of at least 30. Even if you stay indoors, chances are you will be using your electronic devices, which give off harmful UV light. Applying sunscreen regularly can help to reduce the effects of sun damage over time.

  • Eye Cream
  • We all get eyebags from time to time, particularly after a sleepless night. However, the skin under your eyes requires extra protection due to how thin it is. Not only can a good eye cream help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but it can also boost skin elasticity as well.

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