3 Ways to Cool Down During Summer

3 Ways to Cool Down During Summer

With the first official day of summer behind us, we’re digging out our summer clothes and packing away those comfy sweaters. We’re also staying ahead of the curve and making a list of ways to cool down during the oncoming heat waves. Here are three ways to cool down this summer, and upgrade your summer skincare routine:


Chill Out

Is the summer heat drying out your skin? We have a tried-and-true solution for you: pop your sheet masks into the fridge the night before you intend to use them. Using chilled sheet masks in the morning can help your lymphatic system get to work depuffing your under-eye area. Choosing a sheet mask with aloe or cucumber will boost their naturally soothing effects. Slide those chilled beverages over, and make room in your fridge for this cool skincare hack.


Lighten Up

If your dry winter skin craved moisture, you probably own a heavy daily face lotion. While it worked great for the cold winter months, your summer skincare routine might need a weightless upgrade. Switch your heavy oil-based moisturizer for something weightless; our Water Treatment moisturizer is a weightless oil-free alternative to heavy winter moisturizers. Light enough for combination skin but powerful enough to sooth dry skin, this moisturizer’s main ingredient is Activated Hydrogen Water. This powerhouse ingredient has antioxidant properties to protect your skin against free-radicals and soothes inflammation.


Gentle Exfoliation

Sunscreen is a must for every day of the year (even during cooler temperatures). During the summer months, it is even more crucial to protect your skin from harmful UV & UVA rays. Applying sunscreen daily is a great investment in your skin, but heavier products may lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Adding a twice-weekly exfoliator into your routine can help banish unwanted oil, dirt, and product from your pores that your everyday cleanser might miss. At Cure, we’re known for our gentle exfoliator – Cure Aqua Gel is gentle enough to use twice a week, but strong enough to remove any lingering sunscreen leftover from your daily routine.

With summer officially here, it’s time to enjoy longer days, warm weather, and summer sun. Protecting your skin is vital during these hot summer days, and we hope these skincare hacks have helped you learn how to cool off this summer and upgrade your summer skincare routine.