Your Ultimate Guide To The Japanese Skincare Routine

Your Ultimate Guide To The Japanese Skincare Routine

Beauty junkies are always on the lookout for genuine beauty products. If you’re one of them, you certainly would have researched the Japanese skincare routines to achieve the natural, youthful look that almost all Japanese celebrities have. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will show you the ultimate guide to the Japanese skincare routine, so you can slow down the signs of premature aging. Here we go!

Start with Double Cleansing

While starting your skincare routine with cleansing is a rather common-sense step to take, most ladies, and gentlemen for that matter, do it just once. The first round of cleansing should be to remove the grime from outdoors and any makeup that’s been sitting on your skin. Next, use a foamy facial wash to clean up the leftover residue. Your face should feel clean, but not dry.

Exfoliate to Remove Dead Skin

Exfoliation should not be done every day, because it can strip your skin of its basic layers. Choose a product that allows you to get rid of a dull complexion caused by dead skin build-up, while at the same time is gentle on your skin. Try the Aqua Gel Exfoliator, which is a fragrance-free, water-based formula that promises no harsh ingredients. Due to the gentle ingredients, even people with sensitive skin can benefit from its usage.

Prep Your Skin with Toner, Serum and Essence

Once your skin is thoroughly cleaned, it’s time to prep it with toner, serum, and essence. After the natural oils are removed during the cleansing process, a toner can help you retune the pH balance of your skin. Now that your skin is primed, it’s time for serum and essence. An appropriate combination of both can help rehydrate and tackle concerns like fine lines.

Focus on Eye Care and Use a Face Mask Regularly

Do you know that there are only sebaceous glands in the eyelid margins in your eye area? This means you won’t get natural oils under the eye and its surrounding areas, which can lead to the rapid development of wrinkles. That is why it’s important to focus on eye care, typically with a collagen eye cream. Pair it with a face mask on days when you need an extra boost.

Use Creams or Emulsions to Seal and Moisturize Your Skin

This step helps to seal in all the good products you’ve applied previously. Creams can be heavy on certain skin types so if it’s too much, you can opt to use an emulsion instead. There are many options out there in the market that addresses a diverse range of skin conditions. Whether it’s hydration or brightening, find one that suits your needs.

Always Put on Sunscreen During the Day to Block Harmful UV Rays

Remember to apply enough sunscreen before you head out during the day. Harmful UV rays are not just present when the sun is out to greet you. Even on days that are cloudy or rainy, UV rays are still present and can harm your skin. If you don’t want the effort and money you’ve spent to go to waste, be sure to cover all exposed areas of your skin. It’s important to pay attention to this step, as unprotected exposure to UV Rays can cause damage to your skin cells, causing premature aging, and potentially skin cancer.

While this is the ultimate guide to the Japanese skincare routine, not everyone has the luxury of time to follow through every single step. Furthermore, we’re all born with various skin types and generally know how our skin reacts to different skincare methods, so pick and choose the steps which work best for you skin.