Here's What Happens When You Don't Moisturize Regularly

Here's What Happens When You Don't Moisturize Regularly

Many of us are hardcore face moisturizers, who never miss a morning of applying our favorite hydrating creams. But, what if you stopped moisturizing your face? What do you think would start happening to your skin? This is something that many people are unaware. Read on to learn more about things that may start to happen with your skin if you don’t moisturize regularly.

Dull And Dry Looking Skin

While this may seem obvious, not moisturizing can leave your skin looking and feeling dry. Your skin will make its own moisturization in the form of sebum, an oily secretion, but when you wash your face to remove the dirt, excess oil, and dead skin, the sebum will be washed away. So, your skin is left unmoisturized and may get dehydrated. If you don’t replace this with moisturizer, your skin will become dry and look dull.

More Obvious Wrinkles

Without moisturization, wrinkles can start to appear on your face. The fine lines on your face may become more obvious as well. Well-moisturized skin helps to plump out the skin layers physically and plump out those lines too.

More Inflammation

Your skin needs a layer of moisture. If it doesn’t have the normal protective barriers and right pH levels, the skin will be disrupted. This disruption can lead to dryness, redness, or inflammation in your skin. For those prone to inflammation, missing out on moisturizer will make things worse.

More Sensitivity

Poorly moisturized skin is more sensitive to reactions when you apply skincare products such as retinoids, salicylic acid, and strong exfoliants. If you have a nice layer of moisturizer as the base, you can prevent some of the irritating side effects and enjoy the benefits of using those products.

Increased Acne

For those who only use drying products when they have a breakout, it might be a surprise that moisturizers can actually help with acne. Acne develops when your skin’s natural defenses are removed and it can happen when your skin is dried out. Use fragrance-free, oil-free, and non-comedogenic moisturizers if you experience acne.

Itchy Skin

Dry skin is itchy skin. If you don’t like the itchy or tight feeling you get after using a strong cleaner, moisturize as soon as possible to lock in moisture. The itchiness can also increase during cold weather or when the air lacks humidity. You will need to increase your use of moisturizer in those cases.

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