Five Face Washing Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Skin

Five Face Washing Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Skin

Washing your face may seem like the simplest step in your skincare routine, but it’s not that simple and there’s a chance that you’re not washing your face the right way. Have you noticed that your skin is duller and rougher than before? There are some face-washing mistakes that you might be making that could ruin your skin and lead to numerous skin issues such as oiliness, irritation, and even breakouts. Here are five face-washing mistakes that you might be making that could ruin your skin.

You’re Not Using the Right Cleanser

A common mistake is that you’re using the wrong cleanser that’s not meant for your skin type – dry, oily, combination, or sensitive (acne-prone). The right cleanser removes all dirt, makeup, dead cells, and other gunk clogging your pores.

Your Water Is Too Hot or Cold

You don’t want to use water that’s too hot or cold when washing your face. Instead, you want to be using lukewarm water to wash your face so that the moisture remains locked into your skin. Using water that’s too hot can dehydrate your skin and cause redness, especially in people with dry or sensitive skin. Likewise, cold water dries your skin and makes it more difficult for your pores to open up, resulting in dry and dull skin.

Washing Your Face Too Often

It might seem like washing your face more means that your face is cleaner and that it is better for your skin. Washing your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, and no more than that is ideal. However, washing your skin too often could actually do more harm to your skin such as drying out your skin and causing it to produce more oil. Washing your face in the morning is not only a good start to the day, but also removes bacteria from your saliva and oils from your hair which may have transferred onto your face while you’re sleeping.

You’re not Using the Right Exfoliator

While exfoliation is an important step to have in your skincare routine to remove the dead skin cells, using harsh exfoliators likely to cause more harm to your skin. It is recommended to use gentle exfoliators to prevent your skin from becoming irritated, dry, and flaky. We recommend using a water-based gel exfoliator comprising 91% hydrogen water and is free from fragrances, color, and preservatives. It gently removes the dull, dry surface of the skin and is suitable for all skin types including dry and sensitive skin to achieve youthful, glowing skin at ease without stress to skin.

You’re Rubbing Your Face Dry and Not Using a Clean Towel

Another common mistake is rubbing your face dry with a towel as these tugs and pulls on your skin which may cause your skin to become less elastic. Instead of rubbing your face, you should gently pat your face dry.

Using a clean towel as your face towel that’s separate from your bath towel and washed at least every two weeks is preferred.