Create Your Perfect Night Time Skincare Routine

Create Your Perfect Night Time Skincare Routine

When you are sleepy and tired, it can be tough to pull yourself out of bed to wash your face and brush your teeth. It can be even harder to commit to a full skincare routine at night. But having a night time skincare routine is crucial for helping to keep your skin healthy and glowy. Read on to learn more about how to create your perfect night time skincare routine!

Makeup Remover

First, you need to remove your makeup. If you use heavy makeup, you may need to use more than just a cleanser to get it removed properly. This is especially so if you wear eyeliner or mascara. Most cleansers are not meant to be used around the eye area. Use a separate makeup remover to ensure that you are not rubbing your face excessively to get the makeup off.


It is necessary for everyone, no matter their skin type, to wash their skin at night using a gentle cleanser. This is true even if you have dry skin. The oil, dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells all accumulate on the surface of your skin over time so you need to cleanse your skin so that it doesn’t clog up your pores.

Exfoliator or Face Mask

Using an exfoliator or mask is a great part of your night time routine. They can be used after washing your face. Using an exfoliator can remove dead skin, polish your beautiful skin and provide a clean base for the remaining products. Face masks are another great way to boost your routine.


Toners are light and they help to cleanse the skin and minimize the look of your pores. It will allow your products to absorb more easily and be more effective.


Serums are the ultimate part of a skincare routine. They make use of concentrated ingredients to target your specific skin needs. Choose one that is right for you depending on what your skin concerns are.


Moisturizers are great for your skin so you have to use them regularly. There are so many moisturizing options for you to choose from. You can use the same one for both morning and night too.

Eye Cream

The last step in your night time skincare routine is an eye cream. You could use your regular moisturizer around the eyes. However, this area is different from the skin found on the rest of your face. It is thinner and doesn’t have oil glands so it is more prone to aging. That is why your eye area requires more care than just moisturizer.

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