What is cure?

Skin dries and hardens when it comes into contact with air. What separates beautiful skin from the rest is its ability to retain moisture.
Cure is a product that gently exfoliates your skin, removing its dried up top layer.

Skin dries up when it comes into contact with air. UV rays from the sun hurt skin as well. When skin dries, it also hardens.

The top layer of hardened skin prevents new skin below it from surfacing.

By gently massaging Cure onto your skin, dead skin cells are removed from the top 0.01mm layer of your skin.

Fresh, rejuvenated skin appear. They are remarkably adept at absorbing skin lotion.

What kind of ingredients is it made of?

Cure is made of natural ingredients that you can use safely.
91% from activated hydrogen water and other ingredients such as…

Rosemary leaf extract

It has anti-inflammation and antibacterial effects, and is expected to solve skin problems solutions.

Ginkgo leaf extract

Extract from ginkgo, expected to moisturize, to prevent skin mottle and freckles.

Aloe vera leaf extract

An expected ingredient that moisturizes and protects rough and dry skin.

(all the ingredients are listed on the label)

How cure works

1. Applied on the skin

Spread the gel on to the desired area

2. It turns into milky white.

Cure reacts to the dead skin cells on the skin surface and turns milky.

3. Dead skin are removed.

After gentle massage, dead skin are removed in the form of white residue.

4. Skin is softer and brighter

Compare with other hand, it is softer and brighter.

How to use cure

We recommend using Cure twice a week Dead skin were the source of skin problems after all.

Remove makeup

Remove makeup and wipe off moisture from face.

Few pumps

Press few pumps into the palm of your hand.

To apply on the face

Apply to the desired area on your face.

Wash your face

After exfoliation, wash your face and proceed to routine skin care.

Feel fresh and happy for your skin the next morning!


  • Try not to put too much pressure on your fingertips. This may lead to your skin reddening.
  • As the gel liquefies, prevent from getting in to your eyes.