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cure skincare system


a young female is exfoliating her face with cure aqua gel

Did you know that removing layers of rough, dry skin from your skin’s surface makes everyday moisturizing much easier?
A layer of dried skin just 0.01 millimeters thick will affect how your skin absorbs lotions. That is why it is important to exfoliate and remove unnecessary skin to have your skin ready for lotion.


Skin ages varies from country to country and this is due to the differences in climate and humidity between locations. The best thing for your skin is to keep it moisturized and to prevent dehydration.
If you normally use just lotion without toner, we strongly recommend that you make a new discovery.

Cartoon illustration of older ladies, comparing their skin texture, one from Singapore, one from Europe

The skin age of lady in Singapore is younger than one from Europe.


a young female is splashing her face with cure bathtime salts

Next step is to replenish minerals and combat oxidation using natural rock salt.
Cure Bathtime is 100% natural rock salt that is hand-mined in the Himalayas at elevations of around 4500 meters. After quality control inspection in Japan, it is shipped around the world.


The Himalayas formed over 300 million years ago as deep layers of the Earth were lifted upwards.
The salts found here are full of natural minerals and the blessings of oceans that existed even before the appearance of humans. (*1)


Effective both as a face wash and for soaking in the bath, we recommend dissolving Cure Bathtime in a washbowl before adding it to your bath, as the concentrated sulfur content may cause slight discoloration to your bathtub.


These rock salts are the only natural salts that possess reductive (antioxidant) properties.
OPR (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) is reduced to between -200 and -400 after dissolving Bathtime; regular tap water is reborn into anti-oxidant water! (*2)

*1Himalayan mountain where salt is sourced from
*2Anti-oxidation testing machine testing water


a young female is moisturizing her face with cure water treatment

Cure Water Treatment (CWT) provides the finishing touch to your skincare regimen!
We invite you to experience Cure Water Treatment, which combines the properties of toner and lotion in one. CWT contains no oils and uses activated hydrogen water encapsulated in medical-grade silicon that is harmless to your skin. Besides being an ideal base for makeup, it hydrates your skin and is also smooth and comfortable to use. It will keep your skin moisturized all day long.


When used as a night cream, it will not become sticky and will keep your skin clean and fresh all through the night.


CWT uses the same mechanism as contact lenses. While moisture remains, oxygen passes through and provides great ventilation that will not clog your pores.

Cartoon illustration of a contact lens being hydrated