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Cure Water Treatment was featured in People magazine

Our all-in-one toner/lotion Cure Water Treatment was featured in “tipsntrends” section of the February issue of People magazine.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel was featured in GLADYS magazine

Our best-selling exfoliator, Cure Natural Aqua Gel was featured in “Glamour is Everywhere” section of the love issue 2020 of GLADYS magazine.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel sold out

Cure Natural Aqua Gel sold out in 10 minutes on HSN's The Beauty Spy! Jan 15, 2020

Please check the video Cure Natural Aqua Gel Exfoliator

This No. 1 Japanese facial exfoliator

It's no secret that Japan has taken the beauty world by a storm, so when we came across the No.1 selling exfoliator in Japan, we obviously had to explore further.

The Cure Gel, is a hydrogen activated water skin exfoliator that hit cult status after the Japanese-based brand brought it to Amazon. In fact, the brand has sold one bottle every 4.5 seconds based on the worldwide bottle sales in 22 countries. It's also currently ranking on Amazon's top 20 best-selling facial polishes and scrubs list.

The exfoliator works by visibly removing dead skin cells, all while brightening your tone and improving the skin's pigmentation, acne, blackheads, wrinkles, and large pores. The formula includes aloe, gingko and rosemary extracts to remove unwanted dead skin cells and is totally fragrance free.

According to the brand, "General chemical peels use strong acids (approx. pH1.3) to dissolve protein. Cure, on the other hand, gently catches dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and removes them with a unique activated hydrogen water formula. There is no need to rub or scrub hard. It exfoliates your skin gently and effectively – no harsh chemicals such as AHA or other acids. It is also free of preservatives, fragrance, colorings, and mineral oils."

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It's easy to be skeptical when it comes to trying a virtually unknown brand, but with over 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon, we can't help but to be curious.

One customer wrote, "I wish I could give more than 5 stars! I can't even tell you how this product has saved me!! I have suffered from psoriasis my whole life...So I though I'd try this, can't be any worse right? It's amazing! My face is completely clear after 5 days! No scrubbing, no ointment, no hiding in the house because I'm embarrassed to go out in public! I really can't say enough good things about this!"

Another shared, "Best exfoliator I've ever used. Just wish the price wasn't so high...Because the product does not have any harsh abrasive ingredients, it takes a few uses to remove all dead skin. If exfoliating has not been a regular practice before using this product, give it time and regular use to see noticeable results. This exfoliator is extremely mild and I have had no problem using it daily in the shower. This works great for my acne prone combination skin."

I Tried Japan's Best Selling Exfoliator & My Skin Has Never Felt Smoother

In the world of skin care, exfoliators could be the most confusing element of a routine. From learning how to properly use chemical exfoliants to researching whether physical scrubs are actually bad for your skin, questions abound. But Cure's Natural Aqua Water Gel, Japan's number one exfoliator, may take some of the guesswork out of including this step in your routine.

According to the brand, the Natural Aqua Gel sells every 4.5 seconds, making the product Japan's bestselling exfoliator and one of the top exfoliators globally as well. On Amazon, fans of the product have been vocal about their positive experiences. As of press time, the product has over 3,000 reviews, with over a 4-star rating. Of the ratings, 71% are 5 star. Many customer assessments focus on one thing in particular: how gentle the product is.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel isn't exactly a physical exfoliator and certainly not a deeply penetrating chemical exfoliant (think Drunk Elephant's Sukari Baby Facial). Instead, Japan's bestselling exfoliator strays from high acidity and rough materials and utilizes a blend of surfactants like dicocodimonium chloride and carbomers that help to bind oils together to attract and remove dead skin. Thanks to the way its ingredients work, Cure's Natural Aqua Gel falls under the category of peeling gels.

While peeling gels aren't a new innovation in skin care — they've been popular in Asia since 2016 — Cure's Natural Aqua Gel formula is by far one of the most unique products I've used in terms of how the formula goes about removing your dead skin.

To use the product, you'll need a completely clean and dry face. This isn't a product you should be using to get rid of leftover makeup. Once you dispense the product into your palm, you'll see where its name comes from. It's a clear, fragrance-free gel formula....