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Award-Winning Skin Care!

Cure Aqua Gel was featured in “Me-Time Beauty Edition” section of the June issue of Allure magazine. 

Water based Cure Aqua Gel gently removes dead skin cells & combats dryness w/ anti-aging benefits to real your silky skin!

Combating Coronavirus

We are all together in the fight against COVID-19/Coronavirus!

Health organizations around the world are working hard to protect us from this global threat.
Experts report that proper hand washing and gargling is an effective way to help prevent the spread of infection.
When returning from outside, be sure to wash your hands and gargle to fight off the coronavirus!

Washing your hands helps prevent the spread of coronavirus and influenza,
but hand washing also removes skin oils and dries out your hands,
making it essential to moisturize after hand washing.

With this in mind, we will be giving away
one (1) Cure Water Treatment Travel Size (
with each purchase from our website of Natural Aqua Gel Cure®, Cure Water Treatment®, Cure Beauty Set and Cure Best Seller Kit.
For each of the above items sold on our website, we will also donate one dollar ($1) to the CDC Foundation’s Emergency Response Fund ( to support the fight against coronavirus.

Because Cure Water Treatment contains no oil, it leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky.
Using it after washing your hands will help retain moisture in your hands.

Though we may be unable to meet freely with loved ones, friends and colleagues because of telecommuting and curfews, we are all connected in our hearts.  These feelings of kindness and compassion can still be conveyed by telephone and e-mail, and we sincerely hope that each of us will continue to support one another.

If you must go out, don't forget to wash your hands with hand soap when you return home.
Let's all get over this crisis together!

Natural Aqua Gel Cure was featured in NEW BEAUTY Magazine!!

Our best selling exfoliator Cure was featured as a favorite skincare product in the winter issue of NEW BEAUTY✨✨—on stands January 15.

Both print and web magazine!

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