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Fight against Covid-19

In these challenging times that require us to adapt to daily changing conditions, Team Cure supports the fight against the COVID-19. We will donate $1 to the CDC Foundation's Emergency Response Fund for each purchase of Natural Aqua Gel Cure, Cure Water Treatment, Cure Beauty Set and Cure Best Seller Kit from our website.

In thanks for your support, Cure will include one free Cure Water Treatment Travel Size with each purchase of the above items. Please use it to keep moisturized after washing and disinfecting your hands.

Cure Aqua Gel is one of Alanis Morissette's favorites!

Grammy Award–winning singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette has curated an impressive collection of skincare products and regularly switches up her routine. One of the collection is our best-selling exfoliator Cure Aqua Gel!

Want to know more? Check out here → Alanis Morissette's Nightime Skin Care Routine. 

Magic in a Bottle😍 Cure Aqua Gel was featured in PEOPLE✌🏼

Once again, Cure's best-selling gentle exfoliator was featured in PEOPLE! 

PEOPLE says "Your skin will be cleaner, softer, and more youthful-looking than before".

Read the story from here👉🏼

Experience your smooth, supple, and clean skin today!

Award-Winning Skin Care!

Cure Aqua Gel was featured in “Me-Time Beauty Edition” section of the June issue of Allure magazine. 

Water based Cure Aqua Gel gently removes dead skin cells & combats dryness w/ anti-aging benefits to real your silky skin!

NOTICE - Discontinue sales of the Cure Water Treatment Travel Size 3-pack

We discontinued sales of the Cure Water Treatment Travel Size 3-pack in order to donate them to the City of Los Angeles.

We appreciate the popular support that this item has received and apologize to our customers for any inconvenience.  We will resume sale of the Cure Water Treatment Travel Size single pack shortly. 

It is our hope that through this action we can provide some relief to some of the many people who’s hands are irritated by washing and sanitizing, and that we can return to more peaceful conditions as soon as possible.


Final sale date: May 18, 2020.

Item: Cure Water Treatment Travel Size 3-pack