Top Four Skincare Tips According To Dermatologists

Top Four Skincare Tips According To Dermatologists

There are so many different pieces of advice all over the Internet that it can sometimes be extremely confusing to discern between what’s good and bad. With a new product being released every week, it is definitely overwhelming to decide what ingredients are suitable for your particular skin type. However, not to fret because we have compiled skincare tips from dermatologists. Read on to discover what the experts have to say. 

Simplify Your Skincare 

You may be scrambling to lather on every product recommended to you on that viral video on TikTok but the experts advise against that. Putting on too many skincare products at once can be overly harsh on the skin. Furthermore, certain ingredients do not work well together and their efficiency may decrease if used simultaneously. The experts recommend using more gentle moisturizers as these are known to be less irritating for your skin. Also, dermatologists recommend really looking at what your skin needs and stripping down the non-essentials from your skincare routine. Go back to basics! It’s better for both your skin and your wallet. 

Don’t Touch Your Face 

Maybe this is a piece of advice you’ve been hearing growing up. However, this is an expert-backed opinion! Throughout the course of the day, we come into contact with hundreds of different surfaces that contain a lot of bacteria. Whenever we touch our faces, these bacteria are transferred onto the face and may give rise to many unwanted skincare conditions like cysts, acne, or blisters.  

Avoid Direct Sun 

Before you decide to go for that beach day under direct sun, think twice. The sun emits UV rays that enter skin cells and disrupt essential processes required for healthy skin growth. Dermatologists aren’t saying that you can’t get that golden tan, rather, ensure you have the right sun protection before doing so. To prevent yourself from being directly exposed to the sun, put on a cap. Do not forget the sunscreen! Having a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 can help to negate some of the detrimental effects of the sun. Remember to reapply the sunscreen every few hours to ensure it works optimally! 

Maintain A Healthy Diet 

You are what you eat. The state of your skin also depends on the type of food you choose to consume.  Dermatologists caution against a diet that is filled with highly processed food and refined carbohydrates as these foods are known to cause inflammation and aggravate pre-existing conditions like acne. Meanwhile, consuming food high in omega-3 fatty acids aid in repairing your skin barrier so that your skin can retain more moisture and be more healthy from within. As such, we recommend you incorporate more fish, nuts, and avocados into your diet. If that’s not possible, try to take supplements such as fish oil, which can provide you with these nutrients. 

The most important advice, however, is consistency. Your skin is an organ that needs to constantly be cared for and nourished. Remember to implement these skincare tips and along with a reliable skincare routine, you’ll get that glow in no time!