Activated Hydrogen Water for Your Skincare

Activated Hydrogen Water for Your Skincare

Many of us search for a specific ingredient when choosing to purchase a skincare product. The reason either being that ingredient has faithfully worked well for you or you are trying to combat an issue such as acne, wrinkles, or blackheads.

Regardless of your reasoning, an ingredient you should be adding to your list is activated hydrogen water!


What is Activated Hydrogen Water?     

Activated Hydrogen Water is an extremely effective and powerful antioxidant that many refer to as “miracle water”.

The naturally occurring water containing activated hydrogen is rare, only forming in natural environments of high temperature and high pressure that prevent the water from boiling as it normally would. These rare environments include Tlacote water from Mexico, France’s Lourdes water, Germany’s Nordenau water, and Hitanryou water from Japan.

What it does for your skin

Stress caused by oxidation, low collagen levels and sun exposure are all contributing factors to wrinkles and changes in skin texture and firmness. Activated hydrogen water makes oxidation reduction much easier, protects the skin from sun damage and assists in the rejuvenation of skin cells! These benefits ultimately combat aging skin and wrinkles by allowing the cells throughout your body to thrive in a healthy environment. 

Adding Activated Hydrogen Water to Your Skincare

The benefits of this ingredient are essential for the basic health of the skin and body. Cure Aqua Gel is a gentle exfoliating product containing 91% activated hydrogen water and is an easy, non-irritating product for all skin types. You can start incorporating activated hydrogen water into your skincare routine by ordering yours today!