November Is National Health Skin Month: It's Time To Promote Good Skin Care Habits

November Is National Health Skin Month: It's Time To Promote Good Skin Care Habits

November is National Health Skin Month and there are plenty of good skin care habits for you to incorporate into your daily regimen to show your support for the occasion. Not only is the skin our largest organ, but it also reveals so much about our overall health as it works really hard over the course of our lifetime. 

Celebrating National Health Skin Month

To show your support and celebrate National Health Skin Month, you can consider following the tips below:

  • Practice good skin care habits throughout the year, not only during National Health Skin Month.
  • Cleanse your face daily with a gentle cleanser.
  • Figure out your skin type and avoid products that may aggravate your skin. If you have a sensitive skin type, it is important to use gentle skincare products. We offer a beauty set to save you the trouble of finding products for your regimen, allowing you to gently exfoliate, tone and moisturize at once.
  • Get a good night’s sleep as a lack of sleep may also cause your skin to break out.
  • Exercise in the fresh air.
  • Get a daily dose of vitamin D from the sun or through supplements which is essential for healthy skin. 
  • Stay hydrated by drinking enough water daily. Use a water treatment moisturizer to keep your skin equally hydrated. Reduce your alcohol intake as excessive consumption may cause puffiness and wrinkles. 
  • Apply lotion or skin cream after showers and wear sunscreen when you head outdoors. This is highly essential if you have dry skin.
  • Take part in monthly self-skin tests to look for changes in spots and moles to identify any unusual colors or shapes. These changes may be an indicator of skin cancer or various other types of health issues.
  • For those with a family history of skin cancer, see a dermatologist annually. There are free screenings offered by the AAD at certain locations.
  • Take time to rest. Stress may cause your skin to break out. Unwind after a long day with Cure’s Bathtime Mineral Salts. Our toner is made with 100% Himalayan Ruby Rock Salt, a 300-million-year-old preserved salt from the Himalayan Mountains, with the objective of improving skin hydration.

Rejuvenate your skin

Exfoliation is the first step in renewing and restoring your skin and key to keeping your skin looking young and fresh. The award winning Cure Aqua Gel Exfoliator gently removes the surface layer of dehydrated skin, from your face and body and quickly refreshes and rejuvenates your skin without the use of strong acids or abrasives, leaving your skin smooth, supple, and glowing. This also enhances absorption, improving the effectiveness of topical skincare products.

Using Cure Aqua Gel twice a week also activates the skin’s turnover cycle, its natural ability to regenerate itself. By promoting this healthy turnover activity, Cure Aqua Gel helps address skin issues such as uneven pigmentation, acne, spots, wrinkles, open pores, and dry, dull skin.

Cure Aqua Gel is also recommended for use on the neck, décolleté, waist, hips, elbows, heels, and feet – anywhere that needs exfoliating. The ingredients are safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive. 

Doing Something Extra for Winter

Prevent uncomfortable unsightly result and maintain healthy skin throughout the winter with the following skin care tips:

  • Keep Skin Moisturized - The natural oils in your skin protect it to keep it healthy. Avoid long baths or showers to prevent washing off the natural oils. If you have to, use warm instead of hot water. After taking a bath or shower, pat dry your skin and apply a moisturizer.
  • Add Moisture to Home - Apart from your skin, your home also needs some moisture. Indoor heat can easily dry out the atmosphere in your home which may in turn cause dry skin and irritation. Make use of a humidifier to add moisture to your home which will be absorbed into your skin.
  • Add Moisture from Inside Out - Other than applying moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated, taking enough water daily will also keep your skin well-hydrated.
  • Always Wear Sunscreen - Do not forget sunscreen even when it is cold outside. The sun is still shining albeit in cold temperatures and UV rays are still hitting your skin.
  • Moisturize Skin Thoroughly - For winter, it is recommended to use an oil-based moisturizer. Target your hands, feel, elbows, knees, and lips which are the areas that easily get dry.
  • Change Cleanser - If your body wash is not hydrating enough for the winter, it is time to change it. Using a moisturizing body wash can prevent dry, flaky skin.