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This stuff of is incredible! I use it every 3 days on my face, neck, and upper chest. this is the ONLY product I use for exfoliation and my skin looks so smooth, young, and fresh!! I highly recommend Cure Aqua Gel!

I am a sucker for face masks, I’ve tried a lot of masks and washes all in the pursuit of smooth skin. I saw this on a buzzfeed list and thought I’d try but not getting my hopes up but this product makes my skin just as soft as the face masks that peel a layer of skin off when you use it without making my skin feel dry or look red. It is the perfect thing to use on last minute plans where you can’t do a mask but want clean soft skin as it only takes a few minutes to do.

I really like this product, I admit it I was kind of undecided on purchasing this product but I’m glad I did, works well and my face is clean and it gives me the glow the I thought I had lost, but was just hidden under all the dead skin cells.. Very happy and will purchase again.

This will take off all your dead skin (in gross skin balls). Super awesome exfoliation. Completely worth the disgust and the money. I also like to use it on my body.

Love this! My skin is soooo soft. I used to use exfoliators which contained “abrasive” microbeads or other little scrubbers which left my skin red and raw (though soft as well). Cure works so well and is gentle on my sensitive skin.

Been using Cure for about a year and it has drastically improved my skin. I was constantly battling with dead skin build out and tried a variety of exfoliating products. This product is gentle and effective. I would recommend this to anyone!!