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‘Natural Aqua Gel Cure’ only works on the skin and not on other surfaces such as glass or ceramic dishes.
And, dead skin cells will no longer come off if you use it twice on the same skin area.
‘Natural Aqua Gel Cure’ gently removes unwanted dead skin cells unlike chemical peels which use strong acids to dissolve protein.

Skin problems are caused by waste cells

Waste cells make your skin rougher.

*It causes problems to skin turnover.

Adsorbed polymer quickly responds to those proteins.

*It does NOT peel your skin, but only removes your deadskin.
*It will be whitened when deadskin reacted.

By gently massaging, the deadskin gets removed.

*Cross-polymer is used for thickener. It is the same ingredient which ophthalmologists use for eye surgery.
See ingredients.
*It enables to remove old skin without straining it.

You will feel the moisturized and smooth skin after rinse.

*Skin turnover speeds up by removing of deadskin.
Proper turnover resolves most skin problems and enables active ingredients absorbed more efficiently.

What is the difference between chemical peeling and scrub peeling?

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is to make the skin recover by dissolving proteins of skin with strong acids (pH1.3, fruits acids, glycolic acids, etc.)

Scrub peeling

Scrub peeling is to remove old deadskin by scrubbing
However, Natural Aqua Gel Cure is not a peeling product.
Cure only removes unneeded old skin and fosters skin metabolism.
For this .reasen, CURE does not do anything to babies or kid's skin.
Please remenber that a product with drastic effect may damage your skin.