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Directions for use

With just 4 simple steps, you can achieve the effects of a salon facial result in 5 minutes.


Wash face thoroughly with cleanser and dry it well.


Pump a small amount of Cure to be applied on the desired area.
The gel will turn into milky liquid form. 
Massage in a circular motion gently for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
You will see white particles of dead skin cells can be seen.


Gently rinse off dead skin residue with lukewarm water.


Moisturize your skin with your usual skincare.

For best results, apply twice a week. This product can be applied to the other parts of your body such as neck, elbow, heel and knee.


Do not apply the gel if your skin has problems. If your skin is irritated, cut, or swollen, do not use the gel.
 In case you have some problem consult with your dermatologist immediately. 
If the gel accidentally gets into eyes, rinse immediately with warm water.
 Store the product in cool temperature. Avoid storing in extremely high or low temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight.
 Make sure the pomp is not stuck before using.
 Do not rub skin too hard.
 Beneficial effects of gel should last approximately 3 to 4 months if used properly 2 times per week. It is recommended that you finish the product within 6 months.